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A New Jersey Public Adjuster documents the different ways a public adjuster actively helps people with their insurance claims such as fire, water, wind, frozen pipes and smoke damage.

  1. Helping with a Sewer Backup. Yech!

    Helping with a Sewer Backup. Yech!

    About two months ago, we were called down to inspect this poor individual’s basement. Apparently, early in the morning the main sewer pipe got clogged in the street and as a result, raw sewage and black water erupted out of his beautifully finished basement’s toilets and bathtub/shower drains. Now we are talking about the real deal here. Goodness gracious, what have people been eating in this neighborhood? Needless to say, his carpets were saturated with the stuff and ruined. The bottom of the
  2. Don't Play Around with your Kitchen Fire Claim!

    Don’t Play Around with your Kitchen Fire Claim!

    A new insurance claim came my way recently which again demonstrates the advantage of utilizing a New Jersey Public Adjuster. The fellow placed a lit Hanukkah Menorah too close to his kitchen cabinets, accidentally setting one of them on fire. That of course wasn’t too bright, but accidents do happen as well as errors in judgement. Furthermore, I have never found an insurance policy that lists “stupidity” as an exclusion. It wasn’t a major fire but it was sufficient to warrant the replacement
  3. NJ Public Insurance Adjuster Blog

    Hi people! I decided to start documenting the ongoing help a public adjuster gives to insureds in order to educate the teeming masses out there of the help available to them should damage occur. A Public Insurance Adjuster is a Licensed and Bonded expert on loss adjustment and the recovery process and is employed by the policyholder not the insurance company. The Public Adjuster assists you, the insured, with his intimate knowledge of insurance policies and negotiation techniques, in